Crown Reduction Service

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What Is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is a fundamental tree surgery technique, widely employed to manage and maintain the health and aesthetics of trees. 

This process involves selectively removing branches from the tree’s crown, which is the upper part of the tree consisting of branches and foliage. 

The primary aim is to reduce the overall size of the crown, both in terms of height (vertical reduction) and spread (lateral reduction).

The extent of reduction is usually quantified in meters, indicating how much the crown will be reduced from its original size. This precise measurement ensures that the tree maintains a balanced and natural appearance post-treatment. 

Moreover, crown reduction is not just about cutting back the tree; it’s a strategic process that involves careful consideration of which branches to remove to promote the tree’s health and stability.

The Benefits Of Crown Reduction

  1. Improved Tree Health: By removing diseased, dead, or damaged branches, the tree’s overall health is enhanced. This also prevents the spread of decay and infections.

  2. Safety Measures: Reducing the size of the crown can prevent branches from falling, especially in areas where they might pose a risk to people, property, or overhead lines.

  3. Aesthetic Management: Crown reduction helps in maintaining the desired shape and size of the tree, enhancing its appearance and ensuring it complements its surroundings.

  4. Sunlight and Air Circulation: Properly executed crown reduction can improve sunlight penetration and air circulation through the tree and to the area below, benefiting both the tree and the surrounding landscape.

  5. Longevity of the Tree: Regular crown reduction can extend the life of the tree by reducing the weight and wind resistance, thereby minimizing the risk of storm damage.


Our crown reduction service, therefore, not only helps in maintaining the visual appeal of the landscape but also plays a crucial role in tree health management and safety. 

It’s a specialised service that requires expertise and knowledge of tree biology, ensuring that the trees are pruned in a way that is healthy for the tree and safe for the environment.

If you would like more information on this service we offer please feel free to contact us and ask us anything.

Areas We Cover With Our Crown Reduction Service

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